> SACRED VESSELS is comprised of forty nine sparkling paintings on paper which depict imaginary vessels containing potions or powders that offer the promise of wisdom, inner calmness or a joyful and prosperous life. This unique work explores the relationship between art and antiquities. Exhibited amongst the drawings will be objects from the archaeological and historical collections of Rugby and Northampton. Showing the objects and drawings, not only demonstrates Sally's broad inspirations, but the works together raise issues about how outlooks change over time.
In Sally's conversation with Nikki Grange, from Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, she explained where Sacred Vessels began. "Like all creative projects, Sacred Vessels is a synthesis of ideas over time. There has always been a part of me that wanted to be an archaeologist, probably the result of seeing fantastic National Geographic Magazine picture when I was a child." Sally went on to describe the positive impact of Sacred Vessels, as a body of work that can aid escapism and optimism. She said: "When my son was little I made up a story about rain and a fantasy world Arcus (Latin for rainbow), I'd been toying with doing something with that story for a long time. When my mother died I felt a strong need for religion and then again after September 11."

"I adore reading the 1001 Arabian Nights and perhaps they played a part in influencing Sacred Vessels. I also have travelled extensively in Morocco. All these thoughts played a part in Sacred Vessels and I feel we need to have something to nurture and care for us when we are constantly bombarded with bad news."

Robert Clark, art critic, writes...

'Sheinman's work is an art of emotional archaeology. Her works tend to be intimate in scale but come in narrative multiples, like fragmented traceries of life stories. They contain images and objects of obscure sentimental significance. Her Sacred Vessels are a series of organic pods, pockets, packages, cases, accompanied by captions... Sheinman offers us little touching hints, glimpses. Her containers are talismans of emotional attachment...'

> See Sacred Vessels photos here.