> ARTDNA, like the Wishing Ceremony, was situated in a busy public space. ARTDNA is a large green booth which invites members of the public to enter and interact. The space has been created so that individuals can share facts and details about their family history. Viewers were asked to participate by simply writing any fact about their family on one of the spaces provided. Interaction and participation are central to Sally’s work and over 4,000 people interacted with ARTDNA.

Family and genetics capture the interest of everyone; everyone has a family and is interested in talking about themselves and where they are from. ARTDNA is relevant to all and is something that anyone can enjoy. The value of communicating directly with the public is one of the most important and exciting parts of my art projects.

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Over time, individual's anecdotal offerings were developed to become part of a larger structure in which viewers could read and enjoy facts about others; Sally started the process by leaving both visual and written information about her own family, these include:

‘One of my ancestors left England for America in 1631.’
‘My sister and I look like twins. But she is older!’
‘Wish I had inherited my grandfather’s violet blue eyes.’

Through ARTDNA Sally explored both the functional and dysfunctional qualities of family life. She offered viewers the opportunity to respond to the structure in both a visual and emotional way whilst at the same time allowing each contribution to be part of a greater family tree.

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